If you've been to Budd's Creek, you know or know of him.  If you haven't been to Budd's Creek, you must be reading this after awaking from a 34-year coma.  Mr. Beasley is the owner and operator of one of the most premiere tracks in The United States.  If you doubt that, make sure that you are there on September 23rd of this year.  A very friendly and warm, but very busy guy.  Mr. Beasley, who prefers to be called by his first name "Jonathan" is a hard worker and has nothing but praise for his staff, supporters, and friends.  In this interview we sit down with the man, the legend himself, and find out the origins or Budd's Creek, talk about the Crash that led to the naming of Henry Hill, how Big Gulp got it's name, why the track usually runs backwards, and some other information that might interest you, including a connection to Loretta Lynn's that goes back to even before it was Loretta Lynn's.  The interview starts now:
Pic by Kevin Duffy @ MMX
(1st try)

Jonathan Beasley: Hello (roaring...of some kind... in background) Hi Mr. Beasley, this is Ese' from MMX.  I was wantin' to do an interview with you, but it sounds like you are are on the track.
Da Beaz: You're gonna have to yell at me; I'm on the track.

Da Beaz: Ah, how are you sir?

Da Beaz: (Laughing) Interviews are after dark all right?

Da Beaz: Sorry, track hours are from daybreak to dark.

Da Beaz: You're gonna have to call me later.  I love you guys though.  Do you mind?

MMX: Not at all, thank you for your time
Da Beaz: (pause) ummm yes this place was worth every dime.  See ya Jess-say.

MMX: IT'S ESE' !!!
Da Beaz: (dialtone)

<MMX office>

Vance:  Did you get it?
Ese':  Nope - unfortunately I got hosed.

Vance:  Kevin's not gonna be happy.
Ese': I know.

Vance:  Want me to hide the frying pans?
Ese': Good idea.

<Next Day>

MMX: Hello, I'm trying to reach Jonathan Beasley...
Da Beaz: Yeah, I got some time, we are just settling up here, 15 mins would be great.

MMX: Okay I'll give you a call back then.
Da Beaz: Yeah, we just got done, your timing is incredible.  I literally just shut the machine off right as you called.  Let me get a couple guys taken care of and outta here with orders for tomorrow and call me in 20 mins.

MMX: Sounds good.  Talk to you then.
Da Beaz: Ok.

<20 mins later>

MMX: Hey Mr. Beasley!
Da Beaz: Hey, sorry about earlier; it's been a long day.  Driving off the property right now.

MMX: Not a problem at all.  We appreciate you giving us the time.
Da Beaz: My pleasure.  So how's your website doing?

MMX: It's going okay.  It's always a work in progress.  Michael has
Kevin working hard and violating several labor laws I'm certain.

Da Beaz: That's good... I think.  You guys making any money off of it?  By selling banners, or how does that work?

MMX: The site does some paid advertising and we've actually gotten quite a few donations, Kevin and myself don't make any money off of it, to be honest I think we're losing money (laugh)  Mike and Kevin handle that part of the business I'm just here cause I'm a party liason.  Kevin said I'd be swimming in the ladies, but they don't notice me.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm brown and the track is brown so I have a natural camouflage, but, meh, who can tell?
Da Beaz: Interesting.  I've talked to Steve Burns, Factory Spectator, do you know who I'm talking about?  Mototalk.  That's like the biggest website in the country.  He was telling me how much it takes to put the whole thing together and keep it operating every month, and all that other stuff.  Man, it can be a real chore.

MMX: Yeah, it can be a little daunting, but Mike has Kevin beat us with frying pans to keep us and the schedule on track.  But, Hey! I'm supposed to be interviewing you, so lets get our priorities straight.  Let ME ask YOU
some questions.

Da Beaz: Okay... Go ahead

MMX: All right; Why Motocross?
Da Beaz: Why Motocross?

MMX: Yessir.  From the very beginning what led you to Motocross?
Da Beaz: (quick answer)  I like pain.

MMX: (Laugh) Well, never heard someone ever state it so obviously, but I can see that is a very popular reason.
Da Beaz: Well, there's no shortage of pain in the sport, but I'm sure you've witnessed that.

MMX: Yeah, I've seen some really nasty spills, crashes, and I've even seen Stephen "Sir Shuck and Groove" Plank get thrown into a bush or two.  So how long has Budd's Creek been open?
Da Beaz: 33 years.  Ever since I was in high school.

MMX: Wow, that's quite some time.  Were you a little apprehensive when you first opened it up?
Da Beaz: Uhhhh, yeah, I was somewhat.  It actually started as a club.  It was a bunch of guys made up from The Navy.  There was another track about 15 miles away from Budd's Creek.  It got closed down.  That same year, 3 tracks in the got closed.  There was one in Waldorf,  one in Hollywood, and one in Dunkirk.  All got closed down at the same time.

MMX: Hmmm, that's a weird coincedence.
Da Beaz: Yeah, well I saw it as an opportunity knocking.

MMX: Coo... So, when did these words cross your mind: "Man, I really have something here"?
Da Beaz: (Laugh) I'm hoping that I'll be thinking that this coming September 23rd.

MMX: Why don't you inform those very few who may not know what you're talking about on what is going to happen.
Da Beaz: Motocross of Nations.

MMX: Can you give us a little more background on that or is it secret?
Da Beaz: Hey did you know it was coming?

MMX: I've heard several people talking about it, just wanna give some info to the "non-believers"
Da Beaz: Well, it's the biggest motocross race in the world.  It's like the Olympics.  Hey, if I lose you call me back, cause I'm going through a bad arejerojjowi...ejaioih...

MMX: Okay, now I'm losing you.
Da Beaz: ahohwo^*&KLH...UIOYO....iy80y9

MMX: Definately losing you
Da Beaz: OY82jhw..............

MMX: Lost ya.

<5 mins later>

Da Beaz: Sorry about that.

 MMX: Not a problem, you warned me.  And yeah the ride to and from Budd's is hairy scary on the cell.  So you were saying about the Motocross of Nations?
Da Beaz: Ah okay.  Well, like I was saying, it's the Olympics of the sport.  Its' only been in The United States once in 60 years.
MMX: Wow that's crazy.
Da Beaz: Yeah, so it's coming to Budd's Creek September 22nd, September 23rd.

 MMX: Wow, that's kinda like making first contact with aliens isn't it,
at least on a similar magitue me thinks.

Da Beaz: Pretty close (laugh)  Oh man, it's gonna be first contact with the bankruptcy lawyers if it rains.

 MMX: (Loud laugh, pause)  Ahhh, I don't hear you laughing though.
Da Beaz: (Laugh) Man, it's insane.  The cost is 10 times the cost of putting on the Pro Nationals

 MMX: That's insane.  But, while the topic of The Nationals is up. Every year, you usually turn the track direction around after the Pro Nationals, but you neglected to do this year.  care to explain yourself sir?
Da Beaz: That would be because we are having to focus more on getting the bugs worked out on the September race.

MMX: Fair enough.  Back to the Motocross of Nations, do you have any predictions on who will walk away with the win?
Da Beaz: Tough one.  Uhhhhhh... I'm gonna sayyyyyy... Belgium.  Belgium or The United States.

MMX: So all the work you've done.  The plowing, the new fence, and
everything else... it's all centered around this one race?

Da Beaz: That's it.  We've been working on parking lots 17 hours a day for the last month.  We are... just...getting a lot done.

MMX: Will there still be hairscramble racing at Budd's Creek.  In
clearing for the parking lots, alot of the woods are gone.

Da Beaz: Its done.  They're all parking lots now.  Not nice if you're a hair scramble racer, but sacrifices had to be made.

MMX: We'll have to shed a tear for hair scramble racing, but moving on, what would you say is your favorite thing about Motocross?
Da Beaz: Hmmmmm... I'd say Dial Chemicals.

MMX: Care to elaborate?
Da Beaz: No.

MMX: Okies... Flip that coin then - what is your least favorite thing?
Da Beaz: Injured Riders  That is definitely, without a doubt, my least
favorite thing.

MMX: Well, you keep leading into the next question perfectly: Tell us about the fateful day that Doug Henry had his infamous crash.
Da Beaz: Actually Ese', it's connected to that question you asked a little while back.  Doug is the reason that I made the track run backwards.  When Doug came back, I turned the track around so he didn't have to look at that hill.  That's the Genesis of the track running backwards.

MMX: So you were near him when it happened?
Da Beaz: Ummm... l, actually, was on the other side of the hill when it happened.  I came over to make sure that nobody ran into him, but I was on the other side of Henry Hill when it happened.  I wasn't "with" him.

MMX: So the story behind the crash involves him being wide-open on the
jump, correct?

Da Beaz: Doug was wrecking coming up to the jump.  Instead of being thrown clear of the bike he ended up being on it and hit the jump, 4th gear, wide open; off the top of that hill.

MMX: Was that the jump he broke his wrists on?
Da Beaz: No that was a separate incident.  The jump on Henry Hill caused him to break his back in 3 places.  2 years later he broke both wrists on a different jump.  I dunno if you heard, but he's paralyzed now.  It happened about a month ago.  It's a real shame.  I remember when he had a titanium cage put around his spine.  They did a procedure that was never done before.   They pretty much gutted him and installed the cage from the front and then
put him back together.  But, it is a real shame that he's paralyzed now.  He's a great guy.

MMX: Some of the crashes I've seen occurred on Big Gulp.  I was just curious how that hill got it's name.  Is it because it "gulps" up riders?
Da Beaz: No. (chuckle)  Actually, 7-11 used to be one of our sponsors for 3 Nationals.  That's how we came up with it.

MMX: So, you've actually chaved down the size of Big Gulp, right?
Da Beaz: It keeps getting various changes.  The same thing can be said for a good deal of the track.  Now that I don't have a Quad National, Big Gulp probably stay the same.  It's not nearly what it originally was though.

MMX: One of the growing concerns in motocross is the Motocross
Hooliganz, do you perceive them as a threat, or are they part of the scene?

Da Beaz: Are you talking about M.A.M.A.?  You can't talk about them that way.

MMX: Well not all of them.  Just a couple like Michael "Timex" Anderson, Zeke "2Ns" Zieman, Tammy "TLP" Posey, Derek "Bubba Berk" Lemke, Stephen "Sir Shuck and Groove" Plank, Joel "the Sweeper" Adams, Matt "Gravyboy" Garvey, Amanda "Brownie" Brown, Chad "The Ricky Martin of Motocross" Wages, Devon
"It's me Pilkey" Pilkinton, Michael "M-Unit" Groves, Tyler "Lil Donkey" Kirschner, and Todd "The Wilcom Effect" Wilcom, you know, people like them.

Da Beaz: Some of those are "Upstanding American Kids".  I don't consider them Hooligans at all.  They really just need to straighten their hats up and that'd make me happy.

MMX: What advice would you give someone that is racing at Bud's Creek for the first time?
Da Beaz: Be Careful. (Laugh) It's crazy.  At Loretta Lynn's past, there were two broken femurs during the first lap of practice.  It's ridiculous.  I'd strongly advise people, no matter what track they go to, that they should learn it, before they ride it.  2 broken femurs in the first lap of practice is pretty unacceptable in my opinion.

MMX: Have you seen a lot of people trying to copy "The Bubba Scrub" at Budd's?
Da Beaz:  Yes I have, though none have perfected it like he has.  That's for certain.

MMX: Okay, before I forget we need to quell a rumor.  Someone, I won't say who, but their name begins with "Bubba Berk", said that you may be changing the start line for  the Motocross ff Nations race.  He says it's going to be down near where they used to do BMX.  I don't put much stock in what he says though, cause no one else has said anything about it.  He's about 5 strokes short of a 4-stroke engine if you catch my drift.
Da Beaz: It'a already been moved.  Bubba's 2 weeks late and $15 short.   All of the riders have been doing races from the new gate.  (Laugh)   Honestly, it IS now down in the bottom near where the BMX used to be.  We literally started it on March 31st during the Vintage race.  They were the first people to ever use it.  FYI, the old start area is gonna be a giant vendor/food court sort of deal for The Nations race.

MMX: Sounds awesome.  I think that's a veray good move on your part.
Da Beaz: Yup.

MMX: So I guess you got every turn covered and every corner covered?
Da Beaz: We sure do, plus just about everyone can see the start now.  Not just 100 or so people like where it used to be.

MMX: Punk rock!  Well, this next question may get you in trouble, but here goes:  Who are your favorite motocross riders?
Da Beaz: Of all time, in order; David Bailey, John Michelle Bale, Stefan Edwards, Ricky Carmichael, and Ricky Johnson.

MMX: Do you know if Mr. Carmichael is going to be putting in an
appearance at the MX of Nations?

Da Beaz: He's going to be putting in 2 appearances at Budd's Creek this year.  He's retiring at The MX of Nations.  That'll be his last race.

MMX: That's pretty exciting news.
Da Beaz: Yeah, especially if Stefan comes out of retirement, which I've heard.

MMX:  Another rumor.  Did Bubba Berk tell you that?
Da Beaz: No, it's just the word on the track.  But, Meh, Eh, you know...

MMX: Can you give us a little background on your history of racing.
Da Beaz: That's a short story:  I sucked.  You can quote me on that one.

MMX: Were you better than... say... Kevin Duffy?
Da Beaz: Well I never raced him and I've never seen him ride, but I can honestly say that I'm certain he's better than I was.  I was not anywhere close to as good as his nephew Gregg and that's for sure.  I only rode like him in my dreams.  At my peak I was an intermediate B rider.

MMX: Well, who knows if you had decided to pursue racing instead of being a track owner, we wouldn't have Budd's Creek today.
Da Beaz: Yup, that's for sure.  I don't think me racing past the amateur level was ever a consideration though.

MMX: What about your son Ezra, is he doing any racing?
Da Beaz: Mmmmm-no. Trying to teach him how to play golf.

MMX: Oh, really?
Da Beaz: No, but, motocross is so dangerous now.  Bikes have gotten so fast and the suspension is so good.  I mean, you used to know when you were out of control, but now, you have very little or no warning before stuff goes wrong in a big hurry.  I still love the 2-strokes.  The 250 is all I need and I weigh 250 pounds.  It's plenty fast for me.  It's amazing how the Pros and even some of the younger riders can ride em the way they do.

MMX: That's very true.  One might argue that you would need Jedi-like reflexes to handle them.
Da Beaz: I dunno about all that.
MMX:  (Waves hand)  You... would need... Jedi-like reflexes
Da Beaz: (Laugh) Yes, Yes I agree you would.

MMX: Well, thank you for taking the time to grant us an interview.
Da Beaz: Hey, no problem, I'll tell you what I tell everyone.  If you need to reach me, after sunset is your best bet. We're going from 8 in the morning to 8 at night and sometimes more.

MMX: Yeah, they wanted me to call you really early, but here in
Tennessee I'm an hour behind.  I was like "I am NOT waking up 5am to call him for an early interview"

Da Beaz: (Laugh) I was wondering about the 901 area code.  Where abouts in TN are you?

MMX: Memphis.
Da Beaz: Oh wow, what a great town.  Probably the most underrated town in the country.

MMX: Uhhh, I believe that was the most overrated comment about this town I have ever heard.  You must have been to a different Memphis.
Da Beaz: Ha, well sorry you don't like it.  Well, my family is from Jackson.   The actual graveyard at Loretta's, you been there?

MMX: No I have not been yet, but I keep getting invites.  Ones of these years I'll jump on it.
Da Beaz: Ah, well that was my family's property during the Civil War.

MMX: That's pret-ty cool.
Da Beaz: Yeah, the graveyard when you pull in to Loretta's.  I'm related to everybody there.  I didn't know that till ten years ago.  My grandmother was 94 at the time.  I used to drive down and spend the week with her.  Just drive up to the track that was like 40 miles away from her and attend.  One day it was like 70 degrees and I wanted her to come with me.  On our way
there she asked where we were going.  I told her and she said "That's in Hurricane Mills, isn't it?"  I told her yes and she said told me that that was my grandfather's farm.  I was shocked.

MMX: That would be a shock for me too, but for different reasons.
Da Beaz: (Laugh)  Yeah, I thought it was amazing, because this guy was 37 years old, in the Confederate Calvary, his horse was shot from underneath him and broke his leg during a battle along Hurricane Creek.  He stayed with the family while his leg started to heal.  He went back at the end of the war and married their daughter and it was their property.  They're laying side by side in that grave yard when you pull in to Loretta Lynn's.

MMX: I definitely will keep an eye out for it and have something cool to point out when I go.  Well, thank you for your time.  Is there any sponsors or people that you would like to give a shout out to?
Da Beaz: Man, I would be shouting out for days.  Everyone in the motocross industry has been very good and very helpful to me.  I try my best to thank them all.

MMX: Thanks again sir.
Da Beaz: Thank you.  See you on September 23rd for Motocross of Nations